Call us at A+Tree Service of Henderson, Kentucky for all of your tree service needs. We provide tree trimming, tree removal, and storm damage clean up all at reasonable prices. We also offer discounts to senior citizens. We are also licensed and insured. A+ Tree Services covers the local tri-state area and service homeowners and business.

Our crews have been saftey trained in all aspects of tree removal and tree trimming. We continue to go through regular safety training classes and reviews.

Please call us at (270) 869-4899 for a free full service tree removal estimate!  Senior and Veteran discounts offered.

A+ Tree Service Grand OpeningA+ Tree Service is located in Henderson, Kentucky, and serves the Tri-State area including, Evansville, Newburg, Owensboro and Madisonville areas. We are a full-service tree removal and tree trimming service. Our experts would be happy to come to your residence for an estimate and schedule the work to fit your needs. Any time of year, a knowledgable tree service can be a benefit to a homeowner or business owner. Storms, disease, and age of a tree can cause a need for an expert tree service to safely remove the problem.

When spring and summer come around, tree owners need to have maintenance performed on their trees to ensure new growth and prevent any damage to homes or backyards. It is easier and safer to hire professional tree services to do the job, especially when falling a tree or removing stumps.

A+ truck boom in operationBecause trees and shrubs can be impacted by environmental conditions like pests, disease, and seasons, they always need care and proper maintenance to keep them in their healthiest condition to survive. That is why tree owners need to have their trees trimmed and pruned on a regular basis throughout the spring and summer. While some might know how to prune and trim trees, some might not be sure and accidentally prune or trim their trees too much. That's why A+ Tree Service is here to help you.

Many tree owners consider spring and summer as the best time for tree trimming and tree pruning. However, it doesn't hurt to double check and ask A+ Tree Service about whether or not it's the right time for trimming and pruning. They will be able to advise you and ensure your trees and shrubs stay healthy and continue to grow. That's why they're certified and have been out in the field.

If a tree falls on your property, you will probably want to clear it away as quickly as possible. Although this job isn’t nearly as risky or complicated as removing a healthy, living tree, it still requires a lot of equipment and can lead to injuries if you’re not careful. The good news is that the cost to remove a fallen tree is typically a lot lower than removing a standing tree.

A+ truck at job siteAfter a major storm or high winds, a tree may crash and cause damage to a house or other object. Tree removal services may charge more to remove these types of trees. The main reason for the higher price is because they have to be careful to not cause additional damage. Also, damaged trees pose more risks in general as workers are more likely to be injured.

Although it may seem like a major expense to have a tree safely removed by the experts, it’s well worth it. By letting the professionals handle it for you, you will be able to avoid serious injuries and other problems. Besides, removing a tree isn’t easy. Why not let the pros handle it for you?

There is no realistic way for an average homeowner to safely remove a large tree from his or her property. You definitely don’t want to attempt this type of job yourself. The total cost of the job is calculated based on a number of different factors.

The complexity of the job and the height of the tree are just two factors that determine what the total price will be. Tree removal costs may also vary depending on the condition of the tree as well as its exact location. A+ Tree Service includes tree service, tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, stump grinding, stump removal, and storm clean up. We also do rubbish and junk removal and deliver sand, rock, and gravel. (270) 869-4899